Basement Waterproofing/Foundation Installation and Repair


What Causes a Leaky Basement - A leaky basement is usually the result of groundwater finding its way through the seams and cracks of your foundation or even slowly seeping through the porous texture of your concrete walls. Many reasons can contribute to a previously dry basement becoming a leaking basement. The biggest contributors are time and the forces of nature. When pressure builds in the groundwater surrounding a home due to an abnormal amount of rain or snowmelt, it can create hydrostatic or lateral pressure that forces the water moisture through previously unexploited conduits in the foundation. Additionally, if your home has a blocked or failing drain tile system the water that was previously drained away from your foundation now has to find another avenue. Finally, even the best foundations develop cracks over time and begin to let rain water, groundwater, and any other type of moisture into your basement or crawl space.

How Can A Leaky Basement Be Fixed - Luckily, leaky basements don't have to be leaky forever. There are many techniques and solutions for making a basement waterproof again. The trick is identifying all the necessary problems that need to be solved. A coat of sealant may make a difference for a short time, but if the pressure hasn't been alleviated or if the groundwater hasn't been diverted then the forces of nature and time will soon drive water back into your basement. At Trinity, we don't let any detail go unnoticed, so you get the most appropriate and honest solution for your particular problem. Not only do we have the experience, the tools, and the knowledge necessary to keep your basement waterproof for many years to come, but we have the integrity to quote you a price based off the unique needs of your home or business without unnecessary additions driving up the cost. With Trinity Masonry & Concrete, you can trust that our work is of the highest quality and our prices are of the greatest honesty.

Why You Should Choose Trinity Masonry & Concrete, Inc. - A leaky basement is more than just an annoyance. Not only do you run the risk of ruining any belongings that may be stored there, but an untended leak can lead to the development of toxic black mold or cause structural damage to your home's foundation. A leaky basement can also decrease your home's property value and attract unwanted bugs or vermin. Wet basements decrease a home's value by as much as 25% while a professionally waterproofed and refinished basement can increase the value by as much as 25%. Trinity Masonry & Concrete is prepared to provide you with the right solution for your need. Save money and peace of mind with Trinity. Call us today so we can discuss how we can help you!


Installation - Foundations are one of the most important aspects of construction. A properly installed, solid foundation is critical when building any home, commercial building, or other structure. Concrete foundation technology has increased rapidly over the past few years. Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are becoming increasingly more popular. However, we do it all according to your needs and specifications - ICF, block or poured foundations.

Repairs and Waterproofing -Foundation wall issues have several different causes, but don't fear, Trinity Masonry & Concrete has solutions that can provide foundation repair and stabilize your foundation walls. Whether your foundation is bowing and buckling, cracking or crumbling, we can help. We provide commercial and residential foundation repair, block repair, water-proofing and core-filling to restore structural integrity to foundations.

Trinity Masonry & Concrete, Inc. has given homeowners throughout the Northland peace of mind by keeping their foundations and basements safe and dry.

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