Tuck-Pointing and Restoration Services in Duluth, Minnesota

Quality bricks and stone can last for centuries, but mortar is softer and may need repair. Tuck-pointing becomes necessary when the mortar starts to develop cracks and holes. Tuck-pointing is essential to preserve the quality of brick or stone structures.

Tuck-pointing is the process of filling the open gaps between the bricks/stones. A circular diamond blade is used to grind the mortar joints to allow new mortar to be filled deep between the bricks/stones.

Whether the cracks and holes in sections of mortar were caused by water, the harsh conditions of our Northland weather or just the natural wear and tear that takes place over time, Trinity Masonry & Concrete can restore your walls to like new condition.

Trinity Masonry & Concrete provides you the highest quality of workmanship. We renew mortar to the appropriate type and color to give it the perfect appearance to match the original mortar. A good tuck-pointing job is not noticeable. We warranty our work.


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